About Enor ehf.


Enor ehf. is a recently established, progressive audit firm, whose employees have both comprehensive experience and expertise in auditing and related fields. Armed with such skilled personnel, we focus on providing our clients with thoroughly professional and reliable services in terms of general or specific advice. 


Our office is situated in Akureyri. We will soon be launching auditing branches in other parts of the country. 


Enor ehf. currently employs four certified public accountants. 


Enor ehf. has a license to operate a audit firm in Iceland from the Icelandic Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Teamwork and Cooperation 


At Enor we emphasize teamwork, since we have a strong team of professionals, who have been working together successfully for a long time on auditing and other projects, both large and small, in association with auditors and clients abroad as well. 


We cooperate with attorneys, specializing in tax and corporate law, when their assistance is required in order to resolve issues of a more complex nature.  Our work includes e.g. projects for auditors of companies abroad and securing assistance for our clients, who plan to set up business either in Iceland or abroad. 


Quality is Important to us 


All our auditing assignments are conducted in compliance with International Standards on Auditing and Quality control. In order to ensure the quality and consistency of our work, Enor has established a comprehensive monitoring system of its own, which safeguards the self-imposed company responsibility and ethics of its operational procedures. The quality control system thus supports our internal and external audit assignments.